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Discover fun in the outdoors with our outdoor toys range

At Nancy HomeStore we understand that outdoor play is essential for children's development and joy. Discover our extensive range of outdoor toys, designed to provide adventurous and healthy play opportunities. From electric vehicles to trampolines, we have everything you need to transform your garden into a play paradise. Discover our subcategories and choose the perfect outdoor toys for every child.

Electric Vehicles

Let your children explore the world with our exciting collection of electric vehicles. From realistic electric cars to fast electric scooters, at Nancy HomeStore we have the perfect models for every little driver. Our electric vehicles are safe, sustainable and equipped with the latest technologies. With powerful batteries and child-friendly speed settings, children can drive around safely and fun in their own electric vehicle.

Climbing toys

Stimulate your children's active imagination with our climbing toys. From colorful climbing frames to adventure climbing towers, our range provides a safe and fun environment for children to climb, clamber and explore. Outdoor climbing toys not only promote physical development but also self-confidence. Choose from different styles and sizes of climbing playground equipment and create a playground that suits the age and needs of your children.


Bring the joy of swinging to your own backyard with our various swing options. Whether you choose a classic swing, an adventurous nest swing or a double swing, each model is designed for hours of floating fun. Our garden swings are sturdy, safe and suitable for small and larger gardens. Make your outdoor space a place where children can float freely and enjoy.

Go-karts and pedal cars

Want to buy a pedal car? Let the races begin with our go-karts and pedal cars. Each vehicle is designed for speed, stability and most of all fun! Our range of outdoor toys with wheels includes cool go-karts for children and children's pedal cars for different ages. Give your children the opportunity to have their own mini-adventure and enjoy active play outdoors.

Steps and balance bikes

Encourage mobility with our selection of scooters and balance bikes. Perfect for young explorers who want to improve their balance and explore the world at their own pace. Want to buy a balance bike? Our children's scooters and balance bikes are durable, safe and help children stay active while developing their motor skills.


Promote healthy exercise and fun with our trampolines. Available in a range of large and small sizes, including safety nets for peace of mind, our trampolines provide a safe environment for endless jumping fun. Our child-friendly trampolines are designed with stability and safety in mind, so children and parents can have fun without worry.


Stimulate your children's creativity with a wooden sandbox in the garden. Our sandboxes have sturdy lids to keep the sand clean and dry, ready for endless building and playing fun. Let children's imaginations run wild as they build sand castles, dig and play in their own outdoor sandbox.

Swimming pools

Transform your garden into a water paradise with our swimming pools. Perfect for hot summer days, our children's pools provide cooling and fun for the whole family. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs, including inflatable options and pools with sturdy frames for long-lasting use.

At Nancy HomeStore we strive to provide the best outdoor play experience for your children. Discover our extensive range and create a play space where adventure and fun go hand in hand. Order today and give your children the opportunity to play, discover and grow in the outdoors.