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Garden accessories for a beautiful outdoor space

At Nancy HomeStore we are passionate about creating a cozy and stylish outdoor space. Discover our extensive collection of garden accessories designed to turn your garden into an oasis of comfort and beauty. From handy ashtrays to attractive garden lighting, we have everything you need to turn your garden into an extension of your home.


Our collection of ashtrays combines functionality with aesthetics. Choose from different designs that perfectly match the style of your garden. Whether you have a small patio or an extensive garden, our ashtrays add a touch of class.


Receive your mail in style with our diverse selection of letterboxes. From classic to modern, our mailboxes are not only functional but also serve as a welcome greeting for your guests.

Pressure spraying

Keep your garden vibrant and healthy with our pressure sprayers. Easy to use and efficient in distributing water or fertilizers, these accessories are indispensable for any garden lover.

Garden shower

Enjoy a refreshing experience with our garden showers. Whether after a long day of work or simply to start the day fresh, our garden showers provide a relaxing escape to nature.

Garden cushion boxes

Keep your garden cushions safe and protected with our garden cushion boxes. Made from durable materials and available in different sizes, they are the perfect solution for keeping your outdoor cushions in top condition.

Garden cushions

Add comfort to your garden furniture with our soft and stylish garden cushions. Available in a range of colors and patterns, they add a personal touch to your outdoor space.

Garden hoses

Our durable garden hoses make watering your plants easy and efficient. Discover different lengths and styles to meet all your gardening needs.

Garden lighting

Create atmosphere in your garden with our beautiful garden lighting. From soft mood lighting to functional lamps, illuminate your outdoor space in a way that suits your style.

At Nancy HomeStore we understand that the details make the difference. Discover our garden accessories and transform your outdoor space into a place where you enjoy spending time. Order today and enjoy free shipping on all our garden accessories!