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Collection: Household

Household essentials for a fresh home

Welcome to Nancy HomeStore, your one-stop shop for everything you need in and around the house. Discover our extensive collection of household products and turn your home into an oasis of comfort and cleanliness. From feather dusters to vacuum cleaners, we have everything to manage the household effortlessly.

To clean

Don't let dust stand a chance with our high-quality feather dusters. Whether you're cleaning surfaces, furniture or hard-to-reach corners, our feather dusters make it easy to remove dust and keep your home sparkling clean.

Make your cleaning routine more efficient with our cleaning carts. With convenient compartments for all your cleaning essentials, you can move around your home quickly and organized. Our cleaning carts are durable, practical and a must-have for a streamlined cleaning experience.

Vacuum cleaners

Discover our selection of powerful vacuum cleaners designed to effectively remove dirt, dust and allergens. Whether you are looking for a compact vacuum cleaner for small spaces or a powerful model for larger areas, we have the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs. Our vacuum cleaners come with useful features such as HEPA filters, different suction power settings and easy-to-maneuver designs. Make cleaning easy and enjoy a fresh, healthy living environment.

Optimize your household today with the best cleaning and vacuuming products from Nancy HomeStore. A clean house is a happy house!