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Welcome to Nancy HomeStore, the online destination for everything you need for a comfortable and happy home. Discover our extensive collection of cages and hutches, designed to meet the needs of your furry and feathered friends. Whether you are looking for animal runs, chicken coops, rodent cages, rabbit cages & hutches, birdhouses or bird cages, we have the perfect solution for your pets.

Animal racing

Give your pets the freedom to run, play and enjoy the outdoors with our wide selection of pet runs. Whether active dogs, curious rabbits or mischievous rodents, our animal runs provide a safe and comfortable environment for their adventures.

Chicken coops

Discover our high-quality chicken coops that provide the ideal living environment for your poultry. Whether you're a novice chicken keeper or a seasoned professional, our chicken coops are designed with functionality, durability and style in mind.

Rodent cages

Give your rodents a safe and comfortable home base with our rodent cages. From hamsters to guinea pigs, we offer cages that meet the natural needs of your rodents, with plenty of room to move and play.

Rabbit Cages & Hutches

Give your rabbits the best with our rabbit cages & hutches. Designed with attention to detail, our hutches provide a safe and comfortable environment in which your rabbits will feel at home. Choose from different sizes and styles to meet the specific needs of your pets.


Bring more birds to your garden with our beautiful birdhouses. Whether you are an experienced bird watcher or just starting out, our birdhouses are designed to provide a safe and attractive place for birds to nest and rest.


Discover our diverse collection of bird cages, ranging from elegant and decorative to functional and spacious. Give your feathered companions a stylish living space that meets their needs and matches your interior.

At Nancy HomeStore, we understand how important it is to provide high-quality products for your pets. Browse our Cages and Hutches category and give your pets the comfortable home they deserve. Order today and enjoy fast delivery and excellent customer service. Your pets will thank you!