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Discover the perfect waste bins for your home

At Nancy HomeStore we understand that even the smallest details in and around your home are of great importance. That's why we've put together an extensive collection of waste bins that are not only functional, but also contribute to the style and efficiency of your living space. Discover our diverse selection of waste bins, including built-in waste bins and pedal bins, and give your home the perfect finishing touch.

Built-in waste bins: Efficiently hidden convenience

For those who strive for a seamless look in the kitchen or bathroom, our built-in waste bins offer the perfect solution. Choose from different models and styles, including:

Extendable Design

Make optimal use of the space in your kitchen cupboards with our pull-out built-in waste bins. Convenient and space-saving.

Automatic Opening

Experience ultimate convenience with our automatically opening built-in waste bins. The lid opens effortlessly with a simple movement, leaving your hands free.

Rotatable System

Our swing-out built-in waste bins are perfect for maximum accessibility. Swing the system out for easy use and push it back in just as easily.

Waste bins: Convenient functionality with a touch of style

For quick and hygienic waste disposal, our pedal bins are a must-have. Discover our range with special features:

From pedal bins to waste bins with sensors

A pedal system or sensor allows you to open the trash can without touching it, which is ideal when cooking or cleaning.

Stylish Finish

Our waste bins are available in various stylish designs and colors, so that they fit seamlessly with your interior.

Spacious Capacity

Whether you are looking for a compact bin or a large one, we have bins with various capacities to meet all your needs.

Why Choose Nancy HomeStore?

At Nancy HomeStore we strive for the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Our waste bins have been carefully selected to meet your requirements, whether you are looking for a discreet built-in solution or a stylish pedal bin. Order today and experience the convenience of high-quality waste bins in your home.

Find the perfect trash can for your needs at Nancy HomeStore - where functionality meets style.