Maak jouw badkamer compleet!

Complete your bathroom!

Complete your bathroom!

A bathroom is so much more than just a shower, a bath and a toilet. Nancy HomeStore offers many beautiful unique additions that make your bathroom a lot more personal, attractive and comfortable. Scroll on and get inspired!


Nothing is as useful as extra storage space in your bathroom! All your bathroom accessories such as your towels, shower gel or shaving foam deserve a nice place. Nancy HomeStore has many beautiful storage options for your bathroom, such as Nancy's Blanding Bathroom Cabinet . Lots of decoration and storage options and an appealing modern design.


Of course you already have a mirror in your bathroom, because that is very useful. Yet a mirror can do so much more with your bathroom than you think. For example , Nancy's Totowa Bathroom Mirror has built-in LED lighting, a touch switch and an anti-condensation system. You obviously need a luxurious mirror, but the design and ease of use add a lot to your bathroom.


Of course, you don't have to fill your entire bathroom with furniture to create a nice atmosphere. Atmospheric lighting also helps a lot! Stop using bright light, such as light from a fluorescent tube. This gives an unpleasant appearance and does not create a homely atmosphere. For example , Nancy's Catarina Wall Lamp creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in a subtle way.


A little green goes a long way! Whatever you do in your bathroom, a plant should not be missing. Think of a hanging plant from your bathroom cabinet, or an elegant potted plant in the corner of your sink. In combination with the often neutral bathroom colors, a plant really stands out and gives a lot of atmosphere and appearance to your bathroom.

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