Frequently Asked Questions

Order and delivery

Question: When can I expect my order?

Answer: A large number of items are shipped directly from our central warehouse in the Netherlands and are delivered within 1 to 2 working days.
Other items have a delivery time of up to 2 weeks. Sometimes our products are sent directly to you from the supplier. This allows us to offer the products at a lower price than our competitors. In practice, these items are often delivered within a week.

Question: The expected delivery time has passed, where is my order?!

Answer: In 99% of cases, orders are delivered within the expected delivery time. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that an order is delayed or lost during the delivery process. You can check the status of your order via the Track & Trace sent by email.

Have you not received anything 3 days after the expected delivery time? Please contact us (

Question: I am missing a number of products in my order, how is that possible?

Answer: Because we work with different suppliers, products may be shipped separately. If items are missing from your order, you will usually receive them within 1-2 days.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Question: What are the shipping costs?

Answer: The shipping costs for all orders under €100.00 (including VAT) are only €5.95. (for Belgium €8.95)
We will bear the shipping costs for all orders over €100.00.

Ask: Do the prices on our website include VAT?

Answer: All prices mentioned include VAT.

Exchanges and returns

Question: I am not satisfied with my order, can I return it?

Answer: Yes, please take a look at the conditions under "exchange and returns".

Question: I want to return an item, what should I do?

Answer: If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it within 14 days of receipt. For more information, see .

Track & Trace

Question: Where can I find my Track & Trace code?

Answer: As soon as the order has been prepared, you will receive a Track & Trace code by email.

Question: The Track & Trace code does not provide any information, how is this possible?

Answer: Track & Trace information is available from the moment your package arrives at the mail order company. Please note that there may be some delay.


Ask: How do I report a complaint?

Answer: If you have placed an order with us and, despite our precautions, you still have a complaint or a defect that you would like to report to us, you can easily do so by sending an email to: You can report complaints on any subject, whether it concerns our products or our services, every complaint is welcome. You will receive a substantive response from us within 2 working days of receiving your complaint.

Question: What should I mention in the complaint?

Answer: You must mention these points in your complaint:

  • Your order number
  • On which piece of furniture the problem occurred
  • A clear problem description
  • The location on the article
  • Include photos where possible (main, detail and proportion photo).