Lounge sets

The lounge set that suits you.

When the sun is shining, there is nothing better than relaxing in your own lounge set. Enjoy a cold drink, a snack and, above all, the conviviality. Nancy HomeStore has lounge sets in all shapes and sizes. To find out which lounge set suits you, read on.

Lounge beds

No need for an active sitting position at all? For real lovers of lying in the sun for hours, Nancy's lounge beds are the perfect solution. Even if you have a fairly compact outdoor space and need to be economical with your space, a lounge bed such as Nancy's Raymore Loungebed is a wonderful solution.

The complete seating area

In addition to the wonderful lounge beds, Nancy HomeStore also has many complete lounge sets in the form of seating areas. These sets consist of sofas, chairs and tables and therefore form a complete seating area. If you want to create a place in your garden to receive your visitors in the lovely sun, then a lounge set such as Nancy's Taneytown Lounge set is a great option!


The solar island

The Nancy HomeStore sun islands combine the best of lounge beds and normal lounge sets. The sun islands have separate pieces that create one large lying surface when you slide them together. When you slide this apart, you have separate seating pieces and a table in the middle. Apart from this flexible luxury, Nancy's Scotia Sun Island, for example, has a sun canopy. This way you can lie in the shade when it's really hot. However, the solar islands are quite large and not suitable for compact outdoor spaces.

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