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Your Destination for DIY Fun!

At Nancy HomeStore we understand the joy of doing and creating yourself. Discover our extensive collection of DIY products to help you transform your home and bring your creative ideas to life. From storage boxes and ramps to washing brushes - we have everything you need to make your projects a success.

Car Accessories

Various accessories for in and around your car. Whether you are looking for storage boxes, ramps or washing brushes. At Nancy HomeStore you will find the tools you need.


Are you a passionate photographer or just want to sharpen your photography skills? Discover our photography category with high-quality equipment and accessories. From photo studios and reflection screens to tripods and lighting - at Nancy HomeStore you will find the tools you need to capture every moment perfectly.


Whether you're an experienced handyman or just starting out, our range of tools will help you with any task. From tool trolleys and tool boxes to trestles and workbenches, ready to support you with every job. Invest in durable and reliable tools that will make your projects a success.


Improve the mobility of furniture and equipment with our high-quality casters. Whether you are looking for casters for furniture, industrial applications or DIY projects, we offer a wide range to meet all your needs. Make moving easy and efficient with our durable casters.

Transform your DIY projects with Nancy HomeStore's high-quality products. Discover the possibilities and start creating your dream environment today!