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Collection: Dogs

Pet supplies for a happy pet!

At Nancy HomeStore, we understand that your pet is an important member of your family. That's why we offer an extensive collection of pet supplies designed to make your furry friend's life comfortable and enjoyable. Explore our diverse categories and find the perfect products for your pet's agility, care and well-being.


Help your pet stay active and healthy with our agility products. From playful obstacles to challenging toys, we have everything your pet needs to release its energy.

Benches and Pens

Provide your pet with a comfortable retreat with our spacious crates and cages. Whether it concerns wooden outdoor cages or benches with 2 doors, our products provide a safe and secure environment.

Animal stairs

Facilitate access to higher places for your pet with our stylish and practical pet stairs. Ideal for small breeds and older animals.

Dog care

Keep your pet fresh and healthy with our high-quality dog ​​care products. From training pads for potty training to grooming tables to clip your dog, we have everything you need to care for your dog.


Discover our collection of comfortable baskets that are perfect for a nap or a good night's sleep. Available in different styles and sizes. Go for a washable dog bed for a hygienic home or for a fancy dog ​​sofa.


Create a safe play area for your pet with our durable fences. Let your pet enjoy the outdoors without worries.

Travel bags

Make your outings with your pet enjoyable with our pet travel bags. A safe way to transport dogs. Dog carrier bags in different colors and sizes.

Travel carts

Dog trolleys are made for smaller dogs. A small dog cannot run as long distances as a large dog. If you would like to take a long walk, you can take your dog with you in the trolley. This means of transport is also perfect when you travel. Smaller dogs also get cold much faster, so in winter it is ideal to take your dog with you in the trolley.


Offer your pet cooling during hot days with our special cooling products. From cooling mats to refreshing toys, we have everything to keep them comfortable. Cooling down properly in a timely manner and avoiding the hottest times of the day are the most important things. In addition, dogs also love playing with water and splashing in a swimming pool.

Food and Drinking Bowls

Discover our selection of food and water bowls designed for your pet's convenience. Stylish designs that fit perfectly into your interior. A dog litter box comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, for a small dog you can buy a dog bowl that you can easily take with you. You can also choose from different sizes and of course different materials such as stainless steel, plastic or ceramic for the larger dog bowls.

At Nancy HomeStore, we strive to provide your pet with the best possible quality of life. Browse our extensive collection of pet supplies and make your pet happy! Order today and enjoy the quality and convenience we offer.