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Collection: Storage

Your solutions for an organized home

At Nancy HomeStore we understand the importance of an organized home. Discover our diverse collection of storage solutions, divided into subcategories that suit your needs. Whether you are looking for shopping trolleys, letterboxes, suitcases, storage boxes, storage chests, storage bags, umbrella stands, shelving units, or wine racks, our high-quality products combine functionality with style.

Shopping trolleys

Make shopping easy with our shopping trolleys. Shopping carts with durable wheels, spacious compartments and trendy designs make transporting groceries effortless. Discover the perfect shopping trolley for your needs now.


Improve the appearance of your entrance with our stylish mailboxes. Whether you are looking for a modern postbox, sustainable letterbox or classic postal reception, find the ideal addition to your home here.


Travel with style and ease with our durable suitcases. Discover a range of style carry-on luggage, large travel bags and fashionable luggage for every travel occasion.

Storage boxes

Bring order to your home with our versatile storage boxes. Whether you are looking for stylish storage boxes, practical storage solutions or versatile storage containers, our products add style to your organization.

Storage boxes

Add charm to your interior with our timeless storage chests. Ideal for storing blankets, pillows and other items. Discover decorative storage boxes, spacious storage cases and storage solutions that are functional and stylish.

Storage bags

Optimize your storage space with our space-saving storage bags. Handy door storage solution for smart space organization for your home.

Umbrella stands

Prevent wet floors with our stylish umbrella stands. Discover functional umbrella stands, umbrella stands and organized entrance solutions.

Shelving units

Discover our efficient shelving units for organized storage in any room. Create space-saving storage solutions with our versatile storage racks.

Wine racks

For wine lovers we offer elegant wine racks. Discover stylish wine storage, luxurious wall wine racks and functional wine storage systems for your wine collection.

At Nancy HomeStore we strive to transform your home with functional and stylish storage solutions. Browse our Storage category and order today for an organized and trendy home!