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Plant accessories for a green home

At Nancy HomeStore we understand that plants are an essential part of your home and living space. That's why we've put together an extensive collection with everything you need to create and maintain your green oasis. Discover our high-quality plant accessories, from flower pots to artificial plants, and turn your home into a green paradise.

Flower pots

Give your plants a stylish home with our diverse collection of flower pots. Whether you are looking for modern ceramic pots or classic terracotta styles, at Nancy HomeStore you will find the perfect flower pot that is not only functional, but also complements your interior.

Grow greenhouse - Plant greenhouse - Garden greenhouse

Extend the growing season and create the ideal environment for your plants with our high-quality growing shafts. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, our greenhouses offer the perfect solution to protect your plants and optimize their growth, regardless of the weather.


Go for sustainability with our composters. Turn your kitchen and garden waste into valuable compost for your plants. Our composters are designed for easy use and provide an environmentally friendly approach to gardening.

Artificial plants

Enjoy greenery in your home without the hassle of maintenance with our beautiful artificial plants. Create a green atmosphere in any room, without worrying about watering or sunlight.

Planters and racks

Make the most of your space with our planters and racks. Whether you have a small courtyard or want to green up your balcony, our smart designs provide space for all your favorite plants.

At Nancy HomeStore we strive to transform your home into a green paradise. Browse through our extensive collection of plant accessories and discover the perfect additions for your green living environment. Make your choice today and give your plants the love and attention they deserve.