Unieke toevoegingen aan je keuken

Unique additions to your kitchen

Make your kitchen unique!

A standard kitchen is also so boring. Apart from the standard kitchen components, Nancy HomeStore has many unique additions for your kitchen. Make your kitchen stand out at your fishing!

Kitchen trolleys

A kitchen cart such as Nancy's Homer Kitchen Trolley is an incredibly playful addition to your kitchen. You can position the car in a fixed location, but when you have visitors you can drive it straight to the living room. Extra storage space, a beautiful design and a nice surprise for your visitors. What else do you want?

Wine racks

Do you store your wine in a closed cupboard? That's a shame if you have enough space! Wine bottles are incredibly beautiful, and they look even better in the right wine rack. Take Nancy's Design Wine Rack for example. This rack is made of aluminum and has an incredibly sturdy appearance. If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can add a lot of atmosphere and appearance to your kitchen with a similar rack.

Trash cans

In addition to standard waste bins, Nancy HomeStore also has automatic waste bins. Automatic trash cans? Yes! For example, Nancy's Ridgecrest Trash Can has an infrared sensor, so you never have to touch your trash can with your hands again. You can call it unnecessary luxury, but it is also super hygienic! Why not?

Bar tables

Food is of course made in the kitchen. How nice is it if someone can sit with you while you cook? With a bar table from Nancy HomeStore, this becomes possible in one fell swoop. Take, for example, the compact Nancy's Vega Bar table, which you can easily slide against a kitchen island or countertop. Having fun in the kitchen is important, because always cooking alone is boring.

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