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SOUTHWALL Dumbbells set adjustable with barbell up to 20kg

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Product description

Do you want to achieve your sporting goals without leaving the gym? Discover the versatile SOUTHWALL Adjustable Dumbell Set 20 kg - your ultimate partner for home fitness and strength training in style!

Whether you're aiming for weight loss, muscle building, or general fitness, the 20kg Dumbell Set from SOUTHWALL is the ideal companion for your fitness journey. These professional dumbbells offer you the freedom to train wherever and whenever you want, without any hassle. The materials are not only durable and strong, but also aesthetically pleasing. Your sporting goals are now within reach!

Why choose the SOUTHWALL 2-in-1 dumbbell set?

Super-fast Adjustment : The flexible joints allow you to quickly and easily adjust the weight.

Durable Materials : The high-quality vinyl weights are robust, long lasting and dampen sound on hard floors.

Ergonomic Design : The barbell and dumbbell bars are ergonomically designed and provide extra grip.

Versatility asset : Combine the dumbbells into a solid barbell for even more training options.

For Everyone : Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes, these dumbbells are easy to use and extremely sturdy.

Precision designed for beginners and advanced users, the SOUTHWALL dumbbells make sports accessible to everyone. Train in comfort without worrying about noise pollution, wherever you want - whether in the living room, bedroom or attic.

SOUTHWALL adjustable dumbbell set 20kg consists of:

  • 2x dumbbell bars
  • Barbell with a non-slip and ergonomic grip
  • 4x 2kg Vinyl weight plates
  • 4x 1.5kg Vinyl weight plates
  • 4x 1.25kg Vinyl weight plates
  • 4x Extra Strength swivel weight clamps

    How can you use the multifunctional dumbbell set from SOUTHWALL?

    • Set 2 dumbbells at an impressive 10 kg.
    • Transform the set into a 20 kg barbell.

    With the SOUTHWALL Dumbbells you can perform a range of exercises, including:

    • Bicep curls for strong biceps.
    • Tricep kickbacks for trained triceps.
    • Skullcrushers for impressive triceps.
    • Military press for powerful shoulders.
    • Side raises for sculpted shoulders.
    • Deadlifts for a full body workout.
    • Squats for muscular legs.

    Product specifications:

    • Brand: SOUTHWALL
    • Weight: Total 20 kg
    • Color: Red & Black
    • Material: Vinyl

    With the SOUTHWALL Adjustable Dumbell Set 20 kg you get everything you need for an effective, versatile and professional training. Achieve your sporting goals with ease and style!

    Product specifications

    Colour Red
    Materials Vinyl
    Other 11 to 20KG