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MOVON Anti Burst Gym Ball Yoga Ball Balance Ball 55 cm Blue

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Product description

Discover the MOVON Gymball - your key to an improved workout routine and a healthier lifestyle!

According to the latest exercise guidelines, it is essential for adults to exercise at least two and a half hours of moderate intensity every week, and for children to be active for at least an hour every day. Combine these guidelines with the muscle and bone strengthening activities, and you have the perfect reason to include the MOVON Exercise Ball in your fitness routine.


Versatile Training : Not only train your abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms and back, but also improve your balance and coordination with one handy tool.

BRAVO themes : MOVON, the leading brand in health products, integrates quality into the Exercise, Don't Smoke, Limit Alcohol, Eat a Varied Diet, and Relax (BRAVO) themes, giving you an all-in-one solution for a healthy lifestyle.

Variety in Workouts : Prevent boredom in your workouts and stimulate constant improvement in your performance by adding the MOVON Gym Ball to your fitness routine.

Core Strength and Endurance : Strengthen your core muscles and build endurance by performing squats, planks, crunches and raises. The ball forces your body to constantly find balance, resulting in extra effort for the core muscles.

Posture and Back Strengthening : Improve your posture and strengthen the muscles that support your spine. The extra thick materials reduce the risk of breakage, allowing you to train with confidence.

More than a Fitness Ball : Also use the Gym Ball for rehabilitation exercises or even as an ergonomic office chair, ideal for people with back problems or during pregnancy.

Improved Pump : Enjoy a durable and reliable pump that will not break easily, making inflation of the ball effortless and efficient.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, pursuing rehabilitation, or simply looking for an effective way to stay active, the MOVON Gym Ball is the ideal companion for a healthier and more active lifestyle. Order yours now and experience the benefits of varied and effective workouts!

Product specifications

Colour Blue
Materials PVC