Puluz Electric turntable for photo studio 15cm Black


Puluz Electric turntable for photo studio 15cm Black

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Product description

Puluz Electric Turntable for Photo Studio - 360 Degree Product Videos

Are you looking for an innovative way to present your products online and let your E-commerce business flourish? Discover the Puluz Electric Turntable for Photo Studio - the ultimate tool for creating stunning 360 degree product videos. In the world of E-commerce, the rise of 360 degree videos is a trend not to be missed. This rotating turntable in elegant black design with a diameter of 15 cm is your key to professional product photography and increased conversions.

Why 360 Degree Videos?

Customers are visual and desire an in-depth understanding of the product before purchasing. A 360-degree video provides an interactive, immersive experience where potential customers can view your product from every angle. It's the perfect way to impress and outshine your competition, without the high costs of complex product videos with models.


Smooth and Quiet Rotation: Our turntable provides whisper-quiet and even rotation, so you don't have to waste time on machining. The result is an effortless, professional 360 degree video.

Simple Operation: With a handy 1-button operation you can get started right away. Control the direction of rotation with the simple on/off button and take shots that will impress your customers.

How to use:

  1. Preparation: Provide a smooth background, usually white, and optimal lighting. A photo studio box is an excellent addition to the turntable.

  2. Product placement: Place your product exactly in the center of the turntable, as this ensures perfect rotation. If necessary, use a measuring tape for accurate positioning.

  3. Recording: Mount your phone or camera on a tripod for a stable image and start recording.

  4. Activation: Turn on the dial to create the magical effect of a 360 degree video. Do you want to change the direction of rotation? Simply switch the turntable off and then on again immediately.

  5. Finish Recording: Record at least one full rotation to show off the rich details of your product. You have the option to upload your video directly or edit it as desired.

Product specifications:

  • Load capacity: Up to 5 kg, suitable for various products.
  • Includes USB cable: For easy power supply.
  • Diameter: 15cm, compact and convenient.
  • Color: Stylish Black.
  • Weight: Light and portable for ease of use.

Get the most out of your E-commerce business with the Puluz Electric Turntable. Change the way you present your products and convince your customers with stunning 360 degree videos. Order today and take your online store to new heights!